Roller grilles



The Teckentrup roller grilles in various grille shapes ensure optimal ventilation, visibility and protection. The roller grilles are available in different designs, providing optimum ventilation, security and good visibility. These grilles are recommended for use in shopping arcades for stores with large shop fronts, underground garages and indoor car parks. All of the roller grilles come with an automatic anti-lift device. Complying with wide-ranging requirements, Teckentrup roller grilles help to keep out litter as well as uninvited visitors. At the same time, they provide good visibility and optimum ventilation.

Technical data Roller grille

Installation in

• Masonry: min. 120 mm
• Concrete: min. 150 mm
• Steel
• Autoclaved aerated concrete walls:
   min. 200 mm (only with steel skirting)
• Wood: min. 240 mm

Size range

Ordering dimensions:
Width:  up to 11500 mm
Height: up to   8000 mm

Door curtain

Consists of galvanised steel hinge-like honeycombs connected to
one another, made of stainless steel or aluminium


• Made of flat material: straight or bent honeycomb.
   Axial guide pieces made of wearproof plastic
   (TG-A , TG-S, TG-E)
• Made of flat-ground material: Straight honeycomb
   with crossbar (TG-X)
• Stainless steel (TG-E)
• Plate-finished aluminium


Direct mount drive with integrated anti-drop device or chain drive
with separate anti-drop device and electric forced disconnection,
(three-phase volt.) 400V, 50Hz, 60%ED, degree of protection IP54,
with emergency crank handle (TÜV tested and maintenance-free).
Other special voltages, degrees of protection or types of emergency
operation available on request.


For direct mount and chain drives, fully wired, with CEE plug.
The basic version can be locked and used as a deadman control

Special equipment

• Permanent side part with integrated door.
• Equipment: pivoted side part with integrated door.
• Roller box made of:
   - Galvanized steel plate
   - Natural aluminium
• Other versions on request
   Sloping steel bracket, aligned to the floor,
   side or roof installation