Sectional garage door colours: Trend colours, RAL colours or wooden décor


Our colour chart gives you all the space for design you need to adapt your sectional garage door's colour to your existing façade, window frames or front door. Nothing is left up to desire. As standard the door leaf is traffic white (RAL 9016) on the outside and grey white (RAL 9002) on the inside. If you would like to customise the colour of your sectional door, you have a choice between inexpensive trend colours (of which three have a metallic effect and iron mica particles), almost 200 RAL colours or appealing wooden décors.


Our trend colours:

Grey aluminium RAL 9007

White alu RAL 9006

Jet black RAL 9005

Creme white RAL 9001

Sepia brown RAL 8014

Window grey RAL 7040

Quartz grey RAL 7039

Fir green RAL 6009

Moss green RAL 6005

Steel blue RAL 5011

Flame red RAL 3000

Light grey RAL 7035

Umbra grey RAL 7022

Anthracite grey RAL 7016

Slate grey RAL 7015

Wrinkle TT 7016*

Ice Crystal TT 9007*

Shade of grey TT 703*


* Trend colours with metallic effect and iron glitter particles, not high-gloss

Individual choice of RAL-colours

Our wooden décors:

Teckentrup steel doors with varnished wood look combine the character of wood with the technical benefits of steel. They can, for example, match the wooden architecture of a building and still be resilient, heat-insulated, and easy to maintain. You also have the option of a side door that matches the building optics.

Wooden decor
Golden Oak TF

Wooden decor
Night Oak CC

Wooden decor
Rosewood CC

Wooden Decor Winchester TF