Technology and security

When closed, vertical frame seals, top, intermediate and floor seals seal the door to all sides. Consequently, the garage is ideally protected from penetrating water and humidity. The 40 mm thick door leaf also guarantees ideal heat insulation and minimal energy loss.

A Teckentrup sectional garage door is more than just a sectional garage door. We link speed to reliability. We combine design with safety. Together with our partners we provide everything from a single source, from online planning to installation. We provide expert advice and always the best service during installation and maintenance. Focussing on results means to us that we find matching services for our customers.

We provide plenty of advice and many major or minor service packages to suit your demands and perfectly install your CarTeck garage door. We provide qualified specialist partners near you and offer service, installation, demonstrations and maintenance – all from a single source and throughout Germany.



Thermal and rain protection

Once closed, the door is fully sealed between the header trim and the top door panel. Consequently, the garage is ideally protected from penetrating water and humidity. On the other hand, heat has no chance to dissipate.

Door runs smoothly/roller retainers

Eccentric roller brackets are made of abrasion-proof, special plastic. They guarantee maintenance-free functionality, simultaneously dampen running door rollers and in conjunction with the profiled spring channel they consequently contribute to smooth and barely audible door movements.

Finger pinch guard, inside/outside

Finger pinch guard does away with any dangerous slots between sections. Hinge flaps fully seal the centre hinges. In addition, a side guard prevents accidentally reaching into the gap between frame and guide rail.

Anti-corrosion protection/spacers

A special, concealed, plastic element separates the vertical frame sections from the floor. Be it after rainfall or in the event of slowly progressing humidity – the design makes sure the floor is permanently supplied with fresh air that dries quickly to provide permanent protection from corrosion.

Technology with profile/spring channel

The spring channel panels' special profiling in conjunction with special plastic sliders guarantee easy and smooth sectional door operation. The encapsulated spring channel design prevents penetrating dirt and additionally boosts durability levels.

Dual lock/multiple spring system

The multiple spring system ideally evens out the weight of the door in any situation. Dual retaining cables reliably support the door even if a cable or spring fractures. This consequently guarantees perfect sectional door operation: remains operational even in emergencies.

Reinforcement profile (omega profile) 

We recommend using a reinforcement profile (omega profile) on the inside of the door to prevent a deflection of wider doors (from 4500 mm) as a result of direct sunlight.

Special console for sectional doors

The special console links the door leaf to the drive system to guarantee ideal tension and pressure distribution (in conjunction with 120 mm lintel). We recommend the insert for door widths from 4500 mm, for doors in dark colours or doors that are subject to long periods of direct sunlight as a result of their location.

Security photocells to boost safety

The door automatically stops once the optional photocells are unable to reflect the light from the opposite side. If the door is closed, transmitters and receivers are not visible and protected from damage. Photocells are also suitable for retrospective installation thanks to their simple clip installation.