Basement security door HT 8 "Teckentrup" (WK2)


✔ 1-LEAF


Cellar security door HT 8 „Teckentrup“, tested in accordance with DIN ENV 1627-WK 2. Single-leaf, suitable for left/right usage door element. Door leaf 42 mm thick, rebated on 4-sides with and bottom sill. Door-leaf and frame galvanized and powder-coated (primed) in Grey white, similar to RAL 9002.

Teckentrup Piktogramm_Einbruchhemmung

as per EN 1627-WK2*

Teckentrup Piktogramm_Einsatz in Außenwände

Use in outdoor walls
CE labelling as per
EN 14351-1

Icon Feuerhemmend

as per DIN 4102

Teckentrup Piktogramm_Schalldämmung

as per EN ISO 10140 /
EN ISO 717-1 up to
max. RW 39 dB*

* with supplementary equipment

The secure protection

Basement doors are normally where people save money. They are usually difficult to see, and thus do not serve a representative function like house doors. In many cases, one still finds simple wooden Basement doors without a security mechanism which can be broken into easily without the use of a tool. Burglars are already aware of this and prefer side entrances or the basement as points of entry for their raids. The Teckentrup basement security door with resistance classification (WK2) can provide effective protection here: with the special triple lock, lift protection, anti-drilling and removal protection, as well as solid hinges, these basement doors are a match for any burglary attempt. The left/right basement security door is even more multifunctional: when equipped correspondingly, these doors will protect against break-ins and fire as well as provide sound and heat insulation.

Technical data 


Cellar security door HT 8 „Teckentrup“ (WK2)
tested in accordance with DIN ENV 1627-WK 2 with fire-resistant class T30. Heat insulation UD = 1.9 W/(m²•K).


• Masonry min. 115 mm
• Concrete min. 100 mm

Size range

Modular dimension 1-leaf:
Width:    750 - 1125 mm
Height: 1750 - 2125 mm

Door leaf

• Double-skinned
• Thin rebate
• Door rebated on 4 sides with Bottom Buffer seal
• Optional: Special size with thin rebate on 3 sides, without
   bottom buffer seal
• Door leaf thickness: 42 mm
• Sheet thickness: 1 mm
• Security bolt min. 1
• Insulation: Mineral fibre board


• Corner frame, 1.5 thick with 4-sided seal
• Frame fastening with exposed masonry mounting

Special frame equipment: Counter Frame 1,5 mm thick


    Door leaf and frame galvanised, powder-
    coated and primed; grey white like RAL 9002


    •ƒ Triple locking system, prepared for profile cylinder
    • FS-Alu safety-handle set, class ES 1 DIN 18257
    • Safety profile cylinder with anti-drilling and extraction protection BZ,
      DIN 18252
    • 3 keys and security certificate

    Special equipment

    • Handle sets / knob sets, double-sided pusher for passdoor
    • Locks (profile cylinder 35,5 + 30,5)
    • Top door closer as per DIN EN 1154
    • Wide angle spyhole
    • RAL of your choise
    • Security chain (also lockable)
    • Rain guard (just for multi-purpose doors)