CarTeck sectional garage door


Because it can open vertically, a sectional garage door requires less space inside and in front of the garage compared to conventional up-and-over garage doors that swing up outwards. The door leaf, consisting of multiple sections connection to one another, moves upwards on rails to the side. This means that you can park your car directly in front of the garage. Our customers can always count on highly functional, secure models and enjoy a broad variety of designs. The sectional garage door can be combined with a wicket and side door. Teckentrup sectional garage doors are 40 mm thick and double-walled. This protects the garage against the cold, which is not only good for the vehicle parked within, it is also very practical, since garage space is commonly used as workshop or hobby room and the garage is often connected directly to the heated residence. Our glazed sectional garage doors also meet the requirements for optimal energy efficiency. 


40 mm thick
Highly stable and heat-insulated
Also with side and wicket doors
Convenient drive technology
TÜV-certified burglary protection

Variety of surfaces
All surfaces treated with final coating
Your choice of RAL colours
Trend colours at bargain price
Numerous glazing variants

CarTeck sectional garage door – Quality made in Germany


Sectional garage doors provide a wide range of design options that leave nothing to be desired. By combining different stamping, surface structure and colour options, you can purchase a sectional garage door that is exactly as you imagined. Additional glazing not only adds light, but also makes your door a design highlight. With an optional wicket or side door, you can also enter your garage without having to open the entire garage door. We link functionality and aesthetics. Good design represents innovative technology to satisfy your demands. Our sectional garage doors open new worlds and provide almost limitless design options. We have been providing products "Made in Germany” for over 80 years, and this experience is evident in each of our sectional garage doors. Discover the benefits of a Teckentrup sectional garage door and learn about the design options available to you on the following pages.

World of colours

Always matches your taste: Our colour chart gives you all the space for design you need to adapt your garage door's colour to your existing façade, window frames or front door: RAL colours as specified, trend colours, metallic tones or appealing wooden decor – we cater to any demands. As standard the door leaf is traffic white (RAL 9016) on the outside and grey white (RAL 9002) on the inside.

Surfaces & styles

You have the option of our different surfaces: Woodgrain and stucco are the classics among our sectional garage door surfaces due to their durability and ease of maintenance. The micro-profiled and smooth surface gives the sectional garage door a noble and modern look. You can also choose from the different styles: Without ribs, centre ribbed, ribbed and cassette.

Glazing elements

Clear glass, frosted glass, round or rectangular: windows as individual design elements create transparency and natural daylight. Be it to integrate elements elegantly or as an intentional contrast – glazing elements adapted to façades, side doors, windows or front doors crucially dominate the overall architecture of your home. Like all other components, the glazing is resistant to scratches and other mechanical effects.


Wicket & side doors

If your garage door lacks the space to fit a side door, you can access the garage through a wicket door even without having to open the big garage door. And if your garage features a second access point or you plan to integrate one, include a matching side door in your order.

Solutions for modernisation

Focussing on results means to us that we find matching services for our customers. We provide plenty of advice and many major or minor service packages to suit your demands and perfectly install your CarTeck garage door. We offer carefree refurbishments to meet any demands. Wether for modernisations or new builds.

Drives & accessories

Intelligent CarTeck garage door drives are made in Germany and universally suitable for sectional doors and up-and-over doors. The door drives convince with plenty of accessories and equipment like handheld transmitter, alarm buzzer, additional lighting or humidity sensor.


Why a Teckentrup sectional door?
Because there are many reasons...


Rely on added security thanks to a great offer featuring many individual
components. Select our innovative drives featuring many additional
options to protect from burglaries or benefit from sensor-controlled
ventilation options. Rely on effective LED lighting to boost your feeling
of security in the garage. Benefit from anti-burglary security features,
very convenient operation, high levels of durability and guaranteed quality.
On the following pages, you will discover some convincing product benefits that
will make it easy for you to decide on a Teckentrup sectional garage door.


Buy a sectional garage door and have it installed by a Teckentrup specialist retailer


Our service from one source Focussing on results means to us that we find matching services for our customers. We provide plenty of advice and many major or minor service packages to suit your demands and perfectly install your garage door. We provide qualified specialist partners near you and offer service, installation, demonstrations and maintenance – all from a single source and throughout Germany. You can purchase your completely custom sectional garage door from our specialist partners and have them install it for you. We link speed to reliability. Together with our specialist partners we provide everything from a single source, from online planning to installation. We provide expert advice and always the best service during installation and maintenance. Replace your old door in a single day Contact a certified Teckentrup specialist retailer for on-site advice, to take measurements, install the door for you and correctly dispose of the old door. Use our specialist partner search to look for Teckentrup partners near you. You can also send us an individual request. We will then forward it along to a suitable partner. Our specialist partners will contact you shortly and submit to you a non-binding offer upon request.

Requesting a garage door


Fill out the form on this page and describe the garage door you need in as detailed a manner as possible. We will then forward this inquiry on to a suitable retailer in your area. Our retailer will contact you if your information is not precise enough or if there are any questions.

Receiving an offer


Based on your inquiry, you will receive a custom offer from one of our regional specialist retailers. You have the choice of installing it yourself or having your door installed and your old door disposed of. Our specialist retailers will measure your garage door to the millimetre upon request.

Garage door delivery


When you have accepted the offer and cleared up any questions with your specialist retailer, your garage door will be delivered after approx. two to six weeks.

Garage door installation


Upon request, you can have the garage door installed by one of our qualified specialist retailers. Our specialist retailers can also uninstall and dispose of your old door.