Industrial doors

Large openings in production plants, warehouses, etc. are usually closed with a single-walled or double-walled factory or industrial door. The primary concern for such doors is that they are functional over a long service life, since they are often associated with complex production or logistical processes and the interruption of such would result in considerable costs. A Teckentrup industrial door can thus boast extreme durability and reliable performance. or are often installed in outside walls which open vertically upwards and thus require less room in front of or behind the entrance. These plant doors are normally combined with plastic high-speed doors that keep heat within the space by quickly opening and closing. require more swivel room for the leaves, but they can be installed for extreme widths of up to 16 metres. The door leaf of is pushed to the side of the opening when opened. Each of the industrial doors named can also be equipped with a drive system in order to ensure easy operation. In addition, the fire protection door is also considered an industrial door. This door serves to separate fire compartments within the plant interior. Teckentrup industrial doors are available with a number of designs and furnishings and will match the architectural aesthetics of any building façade. 

  • Many different door solutions for individual requirements
  • Comprehensive planning, installation and maintenance service
  • Fastest delivery times and quick installation
  • Suitable design for every structural situation

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Demands on design and security



With us, planners can implement their design ideas without making compromises. We have a practically infinite selection of RAL and other colour tones. Each door can be equipped according to your wishes.


Design range

Always match your tastes: Irrespective of what façade design you are planning, our industrial doors fit harmoniously in all cases. Teckentrup industrial doors give planners and architects more design options. The pleasing, modern look, with attractive glazing elements or different surfaces for example, makes our industrial doors eye-catchers in the entire industrial area.



Protection against flames, heat, smoke, mechanical forces and the elements. Our doors meet the highest demands around the world and are certified accordingly in many countries. Teckentrup industrial doors are designed to be extremely robust and reliable. They are sturdy, equipped with proven technology and optimally designed to comply with all standards.



Explore the range of our solutions

Elbe Philharmonic Hall Hamburg

In such a superlative building interior design in every detail counts. Thus the doors are chosen due to their functionality and due to their aesthetic criteria: Fire protection and smoke protection have to be harmonised with the creative claim of a flush view.

Building owner
Elbphilharmonie Bau KG
Conzert hall, hotel, residential building, car park
Radisson Red Capetown

The “Radisson Red“ in Cape Town is a hotel tailored to the needs of discerning guests, with finely tuned door solutions. Due to the exposed port location, sound insulation becomes especially important.

Building owner
Rezidor Hotel Group
Peerutin Architects
High-profile 4-star hotel with 252 rooms
Data centres

Big data behind secure doors - Teckentrup has developed in-depth product know-how and a wide range of services and consultation services in this field, enabling the German company to provide reliable support to planners and project managers worldwide and to work closely with them to realize building projects

Klimahaus 8º Ost Bremerhaven

To ensure the safety of the visitors Teckentrup delivered about 160 fire and smoke protection doors for the use between antarctic and rain forest. The doors must provide a fully functional escape route whatever the climate inside the room.

Building owner
BEAN Bremerhavener Entwicklungsgesellschaft Alter / Neuer Hafen mbH & Co. KG, Bremerhaven
agn Niederberghaus & Partner GmbH, Ibbenbüren
11.500 m² exhibition space