Roller shutters

Thanks to the space-saving roller technology and the heavy-duty roller shutter curtain, a Teckentrup roller shutter is particularly suited for tall and wide building openings that are subject to increased loads such as extreme wind. Roller shutters are the top choice whenever the nature of the cover complicates, or even prevents, the attachment of guide rails. The roller shutters with their simple, robust and flexible design and tightly wound door curtain offer a broad spectrum of applications. The sophisticated door systems are distinguished by their cost-effectiveness, robustness and simple construction.
Industrial roller shutters, with their side guide rails and shutter curtain, which is wound on a shaft on the lintel, are used anywhere where simple and durable industrial roller shutters are needed. The door curtain can be manufactured in single-walled and double-walled profile variants. The simple design of the roller shutters does not require hinges because the individual profiles are simply pushed into one another. Thanks to the broad spectrum of colours, designers and architects can draw on an important resource with respect to creativity, realize their individual style, and adapt doors to existing façade architecture.

  • Perfect for the loading area and ideal for underground garages
  • Excellent for space restrictions
  • Integrate into existing architecture
  • As outside roller with curtain box
  • Matching side door available
  • Solutions for extreme dimensions ("XXL")

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