Industrial sectional doors

Installing an industrial sectional door is the most common way to close off outside openings to industrial buildings. However, they are also used in emergency service centres, logistics centres, warehouses, fire stations or workshops. Teckentrup doors provide a secure and stable closure, achieve high insulation values, and can be perfectly adapted to any building due to the numerous structural and design options. You can also equip an industrial sectional door with a wicket door or a side door that matches the building optics.

In general, you can choose between 40 or 80 mm thick industrial doors. The SW 40 stands for efficiency and durability, the SL 40, SLW 40 and SLX 40 can let light inside through the installation of large glazing bays, creating an elegant impression from the outside. The well-insulated 80 mm thick doors are particularly energy-efficient and can also be combined with aluminium light sections. For example, the Teckentrup industrial door, the “SW 40”, is particularly well-suited for use in heated rooms due to its double-walled PU foam construction which provides excellent heat insulation. The large selection of various fitting variants allows you to adapt the door to the architecture of any individual building. Upon request, the door is also available with various glazings made of scratch-resistant synthetic glass. SW 80 industrial sectional doors are primarily suited for cold storage and warehouses, since they minimise the heat and cold loss through the use of thermally separated 80 mm thick steel sections. Circumferential rot-proof special seals provide the especially low Ud value of 0.58 W/m²k. Moreover, SW 80 sectional doors are storm-proof and provide resistance against high wind loads up to Class 4 (=144km/h).

Each door can be equipped according to your wishes. For example, you can equip doors in modern trendy colours, in all RAL colours or with wooden décor. There is also the right drive for every door and numerous options to operate them: e.g. radio handheld transmitter or radar. Steel, aluminium or a combination of both materials are the basic materials that make up the sectional doors. Teckentrup doors meet all the safety requirements and specifications of EN 13241-1. Moreover, they distinguish themselves with their ease of use and user-friendly operation.

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Our types of industrial sectional doors


Sectional door SW 40

The Teckentrup SW 40 steel sectional door is primarily suited for use in harsh environments and is distinguished by its robust construction and numerous design options.

Sectional door SL 40

The Teckentrup SL 40 sectional door with aluminium frame profile and glazing elements is extremely lightpermeable and gives every building an elegant style. The high light penetration provides a friendly working environment.

Sectional door SLW 40

The Teckentrup SLW 40 sectional door with steel slat base and elegant aluminium frame construction is the perfect alternative if durability and generous light penetration are in equal demand. Because the glazing elements allow a great deal of light into the building.

Sectional door SLX 40

The Teckentrup SLX 40 sectional door combines elegant transparency with maximum light penetration, thus making modern architectural concepts possible and providing suitable settings to present high quality lifestyle products such as cars and camper vans, yachts and boats.

Sectional door SW 80

The SW 80 special door ensures optimal cold and thermal insulation and is extremely resilient, even with high wind loads. It is suitable for special applications in refrigerated warehouses, beverage warehouses, and vegetable and fruit warehouses.

Sectional door SL 80

Implementing efficient thermal insulation and, at the same time, utilising the many possibilities of lighting design – this is made possible with the SL 80 industrial sectional door. The glazing will convince you with its excellent thermal insulation values and delicate appearance.

Sectional door SLW 80

The SLW 80 sectional door with steel slat base and elegant aluminium frame design is the perfect combination of heat insulation and optimal light penetration.

Fire station sectional doors

If the worst comes to the worst, speed is of the essence. This is why our doors that are designed specially for use in fire stations attain opening speeds of at least 25 cm/s. Real fast movers that fulfil all requirements of fire station doors per DIN 14092.

Range of features


Design variety

There are no shortcomings in the design either: Our industrial doors are available with a number of designs and furnishings and will match the architectural aesthetics of any building façade. Choose from numerous design options: Whether it's colours, surfaces, glazing and looks, here you will find the right solution that fits your requirements.

Additional passage

Teckentrup offers wicket doors with a lower threshold of 23 mm. These allow trolleys and other transport
devices to pass through unhindered. Or you can choose a matching side door, that fits harmoniously into a uniform design concept.

Comfortable operation

At Teckentrup, the drive, control system and operating elements form a complete unit that is optimally matched to the doors and their applications. This means you benefit from a ready-to-use system! For pulse-controlled operation, we offer a variety of modern and reliable technologies such as photocells, induction loops, radar movement sensors and much more.

Technology, that convinces


The tried and true security functions of our sectional doors meet today’s requirements for the reliable functioning of an integrated system. From the durability of all materials to speed while opening, our sectional doors provide a high degree of security. Our industrial sectional doors meet all safety requirements of the applicable European standards and the provisions of EN 13241-1. This ensures that all the components of our products are designed for a broad spectrum of safety relevant aspects, in particular: mechanical influences, safety of use, heat insulation, sound insulation, seal, wind load.

Floor seal

Rot-proof bottom seal made from elastic and non-freeze EPDM rubber profile smooths out floor unevenness and protects from cold and damp.

Centre seals

The door is also sealed in an optimum manner between the individual sections across its entire width.

Top seal

It securely closes, seals and insulates the door in the lintel across its full width.

Side seal

The seal lips on the lateral abutment strips thermally separate the frame from the outside. This means that an additional seal is often not necessary.

Finger-pinch guard/hand guard

A finger-pinch guard for the exterior and interior side of the door as well as the side hand guard prevents people from accidentally reaching between the sections or between the frame and guide rail.

Low-noise door movement

Durable roller block made of galvanised steel and ball-bearing mounted rollers ensure the longest service life and quiet door movement.

Spring break safety device

Stops the shaft from turning in the event that the torsion spring breaks. The door will stop in place. This securely prevents the door from dropping.

Closing edge mechanism

Electrically operated doors with pulse control receive a closing edge mechanism pre-installed during production which not only stops the door in accordance with ASR A1.7 when encountering an obstacle, the door is also immediately released by reversing.

Secure shaft connection

Installation-friendly, secure and stable torsion spring shaft connection.

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