Multi-purpose doors

They do exactly what they are supposed to do in every situation. Be it for everyday tasks such as protection against fire, burglary and noise, for special requirements in the technical field or under special hygienic conditions. The door leaf of a Teckentrup multi-purpose door has a thickness of 42 or 62 mm depending on the version. The heat insulation value is, depending on the respective model, 1.6 W/(m²K) to 2.1 W/(m²K). In general, multi-purpose doors made of hot-dip galvanised steel sheets that are exemplary primarily due to their long service life and resilience. Double-walled, heat-insulated multi-purpose steel doors from Teckentrup provide effective protection, and the detailed design and first-class quality of material and workmanship ensure optimal heat insulation, making the doors particularly durable and secure. Teckentrup multi-purpose doors can be used in masonry, concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete, as well as lightweight construction walls.

Area of application:

  • All industrial areas
  • Commercial spaces, public buildings
  • Function rooms, conference rooms
  • Housing

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What are multi-purpose doors?

The term “multi-purpose doors” includes standard single-leaf or double-leaf steel doors that are installed in interior or exterior walls. Today, all outside doors are given CE-marks in accordance with EN 14351-1. In addition, various performance data on the multi-purpose doors are listed. Heat insulation plays an important role (heat-insulated doors) with outside doors in particular. The furnishing options for multi-purpose doors are almost limitless: whether its various sheet thicknesses, glazings, ventilation and transformer grilles, various plastic, aluminium, or stainless steel casings, all the way to multi-purpose doors of very large dimensions, with upper casings, and much more – almost anything is possible. If additional specifications such as anti-burglary protection or sound insulation are required, we are happy to speak about multi-functional doors that provide multiple forms of protection.

Double-walled multi-purpose doors provide a great deal of protection against energy losses and weather, largely due to their construction. For decades, Teckentrup has counted among the leading manufacturers of heat-insulated steel doors. This has allowed us to make decisive improvements through constant new developments and optimisations, resulting in improvements to energy savings through the use of multi-purpose doors. For room closings with varying temperatures, primarily outside doors, there are normally energy losses associated with the door being inadequately insulated. Here, it is of particular importance that the door used contributes as much as possible to saving energy. The doors have been labelled according to DIN EN 14351-1 since 1.2.2010 for external power connection.

Multi-purpose doors are also considered multi-functional doors. The equipment options are almost infinite, whether its fire, smoke, heat, sound, or break-in protection.

Multi-purpose steel doors - 2-leaf

Optimum protection against heat loss

Multi-purpose doors can be used in a number of ways and meet the most varied of demands. A multi-purpose door can therefore be used both in private as well as almost all commercial areas for which there are no special requirements such as fire or smoke protection. 

All Teckentrup double-walled doors have double-walled insulation. Due to their multiple layer structure with double-walled steel or stainless steel, which is filled with high-quality insulation, Teckentrup multi-purpose doors provide optimal protection against heat loss. Solid hinges made of durable steel with secured hinge bolts connect the door leaf with the frame. One or more steel security bolts, which also reach into the frame and prevent the door from being pried out, provide additional security. A 3-sided seal made of a rot-proof EPDM rubber profile ensures optimal heat insulation. In addition, sliding threshold seals or retractable bottom seals can be used on the bottom.

Optional protection functions are also available, such as anti-burglary protection and sound insulation. The basic furnishings of all multi-purpose doors are the same. However, Teckentrup also offers you the opportunity to design your multi-purpose door exactly as you wish. This door is available in single-leaf or double-leaf variants and various glazing shapes. Transformer grilles or ventilation grilles can also be used. Upper casings and top lights can be installed in the top section.

Highest safety for all requirements

The multiple functions of Teckentrup doors are guaranteed, for example, by the various door closers, hold-open systems, drives, anti-panic equipment and much more. The door leaf and frame form the basis for a durable door element. But it is only with high-quality fittings and the electrical equipment that a finish is created that realises today's requirements for reliable function with an integrated system.

Accessories & safety equipment
Various door closers, hold-open systems, drives etc. ensure the multiple safety functions of our doors.

Our safety functions

Design variety
A wide variety of colours, surfaces, hinges, door handles and glazing provide ample leeway for the visual design. 

Our design variety

Frame variants
Even functional doors need the right connection to the wall. Our various steel frames ensure this.

Our frame variants

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