Niederfinow Ship's Hoist


Doors in Full-Service

The ship hoist „Niederfinow North, at the eastern end of the Oder-Havel-Channel, has been under construction since 2009 and is expected to start trial operation in 2020. Teckentrup developed a wide range of services which are specifically directed towards reducing the workload of the craftsmen involved in the construction of this mega-project. This includes sophisticated logistics as well as continuous technical advice.
It will then replace the old ship lift, which after almost 90 years of „service“ can still be visited as an industrial monument. The new building stands directly next to the old work. As a „ship elevator“. It overcomes 36 meters of height difference between the highest and lowest section of the Havel-Oder waterway. With a length of 133 metres and a height of 55 metres, the water way between Poland and the Netherlands opens for ship models with a length of up to 110 metres and a width of 11.45 metres.

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