Barclaycard Arena Hamburg


Ultimate technology

Multi-purpose door and door systems for an amazing multifunctional hall. A concept which perfectly combines fire and smoke protection, burglar resistance, escape route assurance and automatic smoke outlets.

The Color Line Arena in Hamburg is one of the most state-of-the-art multifunctional venues in Europe with a capacity of 16,000. The 3,760 square metre and 33 metre high multifunctional hall provides a wide range of entertainment from opera to ice shows, from rock to pop, from classical music to TV shows, from handball to ice hockey.

These top class events place high-level demands on the infrastructure. A security and safety concept was required which controlled the large number of visitors, secured escape routes and automatic smoke outlets, provided safety functions, such as fire, smoke and burglar protection for people and materials, and ensured all the logistical procedures. This required doors which meet all the technical demands and fit into the overall architecture of the building.

A perfectly harmonized door system from Teckentrup was implemented; a door system which completely satisfies the required fire protection regulations and the meets the complex, multifunctional requirements of the building. Technical expertise and creativity as well as intersectional tasks were the prerequisites for an integrated system solution. Together with Siemens, responsible for the electronics and safety engineering, the fire alarm system was coupled with the doors in an exemplary manner. Especially the final phase alterations, often at short notice, required quick reactions. From clarification at the construction site to production and assembly Teckentrup was once again able to prove its exceptional flexibility and supplied more than 420 special doors. The required special solutions meant that the Teckentrup team was in its element. This also applied to doors which were not intended for the general public. For example, fire-resistant emergency exit doors (T30-1 and T30-2) separate the cable shafts (four on each floor) from the inner circle, thus guaranteeing fire protection.

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