Intelligent Teckentrup CarTeck garage door drives are made in Germany and universally suitable for sectional doors and up-and-over doors. Thanks to optimised speed profiles they open and close quickly. The motor carriage moves along a tensioned chain so that neither friction nor strength is lost, as would be the case with circulating chains. With an electric garage door drive, you can open and close your garage door conveniently from inside the car. This is especially advantageous when the weather is poor or it is dark: Whether its summer or winter, the inconvenience of opening the garage door by hand at night in heavy rain or snowfall is now a thing of the past! You also save valuable time when you are in a hurry: Whenever you would like to leave the house, simply get in your car and drive off directly, and when you are on the way home you can conveniently park your car in your garage without any intermediate stops. Your garage door closes with the push of a button via radio technology, smoothly and without a sound. Garage door drives provide the maximum convenience and additional quality of life by increasing comfort at home, something that people with limited mobility value. The option of automatic control through a high-quality garage door drive is therefore a basic component of a barrier-free home! Rely on maximum security for minimal wear with our new garage door drives, 

  • Automatic shut-off stops the door immediately if obstacles are present

  • Active counter pressure when the gate is forcibly levered open

  • Running speed of up to 240 mm / sec

  • Reduction of heat loss through fast opening and closing

  • Simple assembly: click into the rail without screwing

  • Clever accessories: protection against break-ins, mold and paint damage


Today, a majority of garage doors are equipped with an electric drive. Teckentrup garage door drives can be coupled with a number of garage doors, thus providing a solution for almost every garage. The benefits of an electrically driven garage door are obvious. Using the provided handheld transmitter, the garage door can be opened from the car without having to get out. This is especially beneficial when it is raining or cold.  In addition, the garage door drive can be upgraded with a number of additional components. This creates an opportunity to equip the garage door with additional security elements such as photocells or install a radio code keypad on the garage wall with which the garage door will conveniently open after entering the number combination. Another advantage of an electrically driven garage door is the anti-burglary protection. The garage door drive makes it very difficult for burglars because the garage door is held in place by the garage drive. If your are interested in our garage door drive and accessories, contact us and let us tell you more. Together with a specialist retailer near you, you can clarify which garage door drive fits which sectional garage door in order to ensure the maximum safety with respect to the opening and closing mechanism and to have all components properly installed and programmed for high-performance results. With Teckentrup, you are buying the highest quality garage door drives and can rely on our excellent service. 

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