Folding doors are commonly installed in very wide hall openings up to 16 meters, but also wherever spatial relationships are constrained inside or around the lintel. The door leaf of a folding door consists of multiple vertical elements that are connected to one another via hinges. The side elements are also attached to the frame via hinges, which is attached to the wall. In most cases, the individual elements are guided using special rollers in tubular track systems on the lintel. The robust, flexible and space-saving door design with few parts subject to wear is exceptionally rugged, has a long service life, is almost maintenance-free, and thus highly economical. Single-walled or double-walled doors are used depending on the operator’s specifications. The outer skin of the door leaf is made of galvanised steel panels on both sides. Ideally, welding is to be avoided when assembling the components in order to avoid the occurrence of corrosion. Special fast release mechanisms are used for folding doors for the fire brigade. 2:2 coupled doors can also be equipped with an electric drive. The range of Teckentrup folding doors is compact and systematically coordinated. Whether single or double-walled, the same applies for every door: the buffers and fittings are the same. 

  • Available in 90-degree or 180-degree versions

  • Various fill and glazing options

  • Folding doors for the fire brigade with special fast releasce mechanism 

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Our folding doors

Folding door FE "Teckentrup 50"

Folding doors are commonly installed in very wide hall openings up to 16 meters, but also wherever spatial relationships are constrained inside or around the lintel. The Teckentrup FE "Teckentrup 50" folding door offers maximum security and reliability. The high levels of stability also enable use in areas subject to high winds, e.g. in mountainous and coastal regions.

Fire brigade folding door

The "Teckentrup 50" FE fire brigade door fully meets the necessary requirements. In the event of a fire every second is crucial, i.e. all doors must open as quickly as possible after having triggered the alarm. It goes without saying that our doors meet the statutory stipulations for fire brigade folding doors as per DIN 14092-1.

Folding doors with automatic mode

Particularly in areas subject to high levels of traffic, such as workshops, car wash systems and paintshops an automatically opening door saves plenty of time and energy. Door systems can either be operated using dead man or pulse control. Doors can open towards the inside or outside.

Technology that convinces

Teckentrup steel folding doors are the perfect solution for wide facility openings. Individually adjusted for all operational requirements, Teckentrup folding doors are used in particular in large maintenance facilities, depots, equipment rooms or vehicle depots. We also provide doors with electrical drives for applications where speed is required as well as a quick unlocking system specially designed for the fire brigade. Electric drives ensure more speed and convenience. The safe passage of people is regulated by wicket and side doors. Numerous glazings, surfaces and colours allow for a custom architecture that also projects the corporate design of a company. Our folding doors guarantee a high degree of protection and security and are in particular used in large maintenance halls, storage depots, equipment halls or vehicle depots. The robust, flexible and spacesaving door design with few parts subject to wear is exceptionally rugged, durable, is almost maintenance-free, and thus highly costeffective. The use of modern control elements and intelligent accessories ensures additional convenience for daily opening and closing of doors.

Smooth running

Doors with up to three leaves per side are guided using only a single castor on the side in the guide rail. Low-wear steel castors guarantee very silent, easy and durable running characteristics.

Release roller

Depending on the version the door is equipped with a reinforced release roller including guide.

Easy to operate

The door is securely locked using well designed fittings and spring pretension. The locking bars can be adjusted to enable retrospective adjustment. Robust handles facilitate operation.

Secured, adjustable hinges

Hinges made of highly strong, galvanised steel have been ideally adapted to the door leaf. Special adjustment screws are used to adjust the leaves at two levels so they are always individually aligned.

Level door leaf – dampened closing

Individual door leaves are very durable and extremely level. Adjustable rubber dampers are used to  ideally align individual leaves with each other to consequently guarantee sealed and silent closing at all times.

Sealed and durable

The upper seal surrounds the leaf and thus protects it from water damage. The special design of the very strong door leaves does not require welding and thus neither the galvanised layer, nor the priming are tampered with – and this safely protects from corrosion.

Securely locked door leaves

Folding doors must be secured when open. For this purpose, they can be secured using a drop bolt, fitted on the inside at the bottom. Alternatively: secure the door leaf with a floormounted or wall arresting device.

Frame installation with screw mounting

No welding! Time-saving attachment to masonry using a console that is screwed to the frame and wall. Optionally: decorative plug-on console trim (can be removed if necessary).

Wicket door without threshold

The visually matching wicket door has been integrated into the door leaf and enables easy access even with small vehicles.

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