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Whether light and delicate in offices or private homes, or solid and stable in special areas like judiciary or medical buildings: Representative interior architecture, high technical requirements, such as fire protection and the maintenance of escape paths, and accessibility are standard in most buildings today. Passages play a significant role here: They often have to satisfy each factor equally: provide a nice appearance as well as fire and smoke protection, and be accessible for people with disabilities in the event of a fire. The technical requirements for doors are therefore complex.
Teckentrup fire protection doors meet all requirements of the resistance classifications for fire-resistant (EI30/T30), highly fire-resistant (EI60/T60) and fireproof (EI90/T90). Smoke protection is just as important as fire protection. Smoke protection doors from Teckentrup are tested in accordance with DIN standards and have special seal systems and door closersTeckentrup security doors protect people and valuables. From basement security doors to prison cell doors, our burglar-resistant doors provide protection up to RC 4 thanks to their effective design. For anyone looking for protection against sound and noise, Teckentrup sound insulation doors up to 57 dB are the right product. Sound insulation doors comply with the applicable DIN standards. Double-walled, heat-insulated multi-purpose doors are used anywhere where energy losses are to be avoided. Many buildings have room closures that are absolutely required. Since the look of the doors used are not to disrupt the interior design, our durable interior doors made of steel perfectly match any surroundings.
Teckentrup project doors are state-of-the-art – they have been tested and certified in accordance with current standards. Functionality and reliability of our products are only a part of it. Our products also deliver when it comes to aesthetics, also striking a good figure in residential and lifestyle applications. Project doors from Teckentrup enable planners, architects and contractors nearly limitless design possibilities. Wherever and whatever you are planning, contact us and see the quality of our products and services for yourself.

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Greatest safety

The numerous safety functions of project doors are guaranteed with various door closers, arresting devices, drives, anti-panic equipment - completed with high-quality fittings and electrical equipment.

Great design appearance

A wide variety of colours and surfaces, hinges, door handles, and glazing variants provide ample leeway for the visual design. Choose from a large selection - it always matches your taste.

Thick rebate doors

The thick rebate steel doors ("DF") now provides even more stability wherever it is installed due to its new structural design, as well as the option to choose metal sheets with final coatings. The standard exposed masonry installation process is now even easier.


The door leaf and frame provide the basis for a long-lasting door element. Choose from a wide range of frames and find your matching solution.


For explosive environments: All common Teckentrup doors are optionally available with explosion protection in accordance with the ATEX directive

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Doors for the new „Elizabeth Line“: Doors in underground stations not only have to meet fire protection, security and safety requirements, but in particular they have to be able to handle pressure. This was also one of the key requirements for the doors of the new Crossrail stations in London. Here, security doors were required that had to be fire, sound and pressure resistant. 


Fire protection that is visually impressive: In the Europa-Park in Rust, the fire doors have none of the clunky appearance of former fire protection elements; on the contrary, they blend harmoniously into the sophisticated design of the amusement park. 

Europa-Park GmbH & Co Mack KG
Interior architects
archis Architekten + Ingenieure GmbH
4-star superior hotel, 276 themed rooms and 28 suites, conference rooms, restaurants
Data centres

Big data behind secure doors - Teckentrup has developed in-depth product know-how and a wide range of services and consultation services in this field, enabling the German company to provide reliable support to planners and project managers worldwide and to work closely with them to realize building projects

Radisson Red Capetown

The “Radisson Red“ in Cape Town is a hotel tailored to the needs of discerning guests, with finely tuned door solutions. Due to the exposed port location, sound insulation becomes especially important.

Building owner
Rezidor Hotel Group
Peerutin Architects
High-profile 4-star hotel with 252 rooms
Elbe Philharmonic Hall Hamburg

In such a superlative building interior design in every detail counts. Thus the doors are chosen due to their functionality and due to their aesthetic criteria: Fire protection and smoke protection have to be harmonised with the creative claim of a flush view.

Building owner
Elbphilharmonie Bau KG
Conzert hall, hotel, residential building, car park
Klimahaus 8º Ost Bremerhaven

To ensure the safety of the visitors Teckentrup delivered about 160 fire and smoke protection doors for the use between antarctic and rain forest. The doors must provide a fully functional escape route whatever the climate inside the room.

Building owner
BEAN Bremerhavener Entwicklungsgesellschaft Alter / Neuer Hafen mbH & Co. KG, Bremerhaven
agn Niederberghaus & Partner GmbH, Ibbenbüren
11.500 m² exhibition space