Renovation solutions for your garage

Focussing on results means to us that we find matching services for our customers. We provide plenty of advice and many major or minor service packages to suit your demands and perfectly install your CarTeck garage door. We provide qualified specialist partners near you and offer service, installation, demonstrations and maintenance –all from a single source. Wether if it is for your renovation plans or a new building.

Replace your old door in a single day! Contact a certified Teckentrup specialist retailer for on-site advice, to take measurements, install the door for you and correctly dispose of the old door.

  • Many standard and individual dimensions
  • Match for any installation situation
  • Only 120 mm required headroom (door leaf does not reduce clear passage height)
  • 85 mm space required on each side
  • Insertion depth depends on door site
  • Up to 6 250 mm width, up to 3 000 mm height

Individually and appropriately designed - for a wide range of possibilities

Matching accessories complement our demands for quality and sense of aesthetics. In this way, we ensure that our extras harmonized with every garage door - functionally and visually.

Space in front of the door

Especially with double garages, sectional doors make moving into and out of parking spaces easier and create more space to get into and out of the vehicle.

Easier parking

Thanks to a CarTeck sectional door you will gain additional space on the side as there is no need for up-and-over door leverage mechanisms that will take up space.

More space

A sectional door requires very little space when opening and closing. Consequently, you will have more space to park in front of and inside the garage.

Doors with format

Regardless of your door's clear opening dimensions: CarTeck sectional doors flexibly adapt to your requirements – also for garages with very little headroom.

Flexible Furbishing solutions thanks to trim and attachment sets

Regardless of the current situation on site, we offer special attachment and trim sets you can use to install your new sectional door without any issues. Our frames adapt to any situation on site, our trims between 85 and 120 mm in width cover gaps between frame and wall and our special brackets conceal crumbling masonry.

85 mm renovation casing

  • Suitable for installation within the opening (no buffer necessary)

  • Application of cost-efficient standard/refurbishment dimensions

  • Covers gaps up to 30 mm between frame and walland

120 mm renovation casing

  • Transition trim between masonry and frame

  • Pre-assembled garage solution

  • Application of cost-effective standard and refurbishment dimensions

  • Simple installation as a result of making use of available frame bores, accurate alignment thanks to retaining profiles

Renovation bracket

  • Cost-effective and clean cover for crumbling masonry edges

  • Visually appealing overall image to match the door system

  • Quick and easy installation

Frame in door colour

Base frames are delivered in traffic white as standard. The base frame can be adapted to the door leaf or even the façade. This replaces the current 48 mm frame covers. There is no need to install an additional frame cover.

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