Swing door


✔ 1- AND 2-LEAF

They have become essential in gastronomy. No wonder: Swing doors can be opened without using the hands (e.g. waiters carrying plates) and after passing through they close automatically so that kitchen and guest room are effectively separated. The swinging function is ensured with special hinges, which allow the doors to swing open in both directions. We recommend designing swinging doors with an inspection window.

Technical data


• Masonry
• Concrete
• Lightweigt construction wall

Size range

Modular Dimension 1-leaf:
Width:    750 - 1250 mm
Height: 1875 - 2250 mm

Modular Dimension 2-leaf:
Width:  1500 - 2500 mm
Height: 1750 - 2500 mm

Door leaf

• Hot dip galvanised thin metal sheet
• Alternativ: Marbled stainless steel V2A 1.4301 240 grain size
• Door leaf thickness: 40 mm
• Isolation with honeycomb core
• Swing door hinges, acting in both directions
• Seal retainers made of special aluminium profiles
• Hinge area: Vertical EPDM sealing lip
• Lock area: Soft groove-mounted seal


• Hot dip galvanised thin metal sheet
• Alternativ: Stainless steel V2A 1.4301 240 grain size

Special Frame equipment: Block frame or closed frame


• Door leaf and frame galvanised, powder-coated and primed; 
  grey white like RAL 9002
• Alternativ: Stainless steel version

Special equipment

• Aluminium pull handle L= 350 mm (onesided) incl. attachment Equipment
• ƒƒDrive lock for profile cylinder retainer with 2 locking rods (galvanized steel)
• ƒƒSliding bolt with concealed sliding bolt bars with lateral pivoting handle (Fuhr)

• Laminated safety glass (VSG) 6 mm with aluminium strips
• Up to 0.5 m² (window size)
• Round glazing (VSG) C. o. Ø 400 mm with stainless glass-holding Strip