Flush doors with the new design profile FB


Discreet design, straight lines and purist solutions increasingly determine the current design trend. This also requires the formal integration of technical and functional elements. Flush doors with clear lines, aesthetic shadow gaps and harmonious end edges meet this demand within modern architecture. On the construction site, however, design-oriented detailed solutions can be  time- and cost-intensive as well as risky in the execution.

In order to be able to realise high design requirements of this kind in an uncomplicated way, we at Teckentrup have developed the "Design Profile FB". With this frame solution, an economically efficient and at the same time effortless installation of flush doors is possible.

We deliver our doors with a high-quality powder coating and with a factory-filled block frame so that the finished door can be installed within an advanced construction stage. This reduces the risk of additional damage within the construction site operation. Installation and acceptance could even take place on the same day. In this way, we follow the desire for a modern look at an economically attractive price.


Flush front
Attractive and modern
Mitred frame profile
Design stainless steel fittings
High quality
Economically efficient
✔ Burglary protection up to
    RC 4 possible

✔ Variability of the "62" system
✔ Stable constructions
✔ Short delivery times
✔ Quick installation on the
    building site
✔ Welded and end-coated product


The right design for every use

The frame set can be easily combined with standard frames. In combination with a block frame, the door fits flush with the wall, while the door leaf is flush with the frame and thus on the same level as the skirting board when used with corner or closed frames. The great variability of the available door variants is of course also retained with the design profile FB: Whether increased requirements for smoke protection, sound insulation, burglary protection or surface design including glazing - the doors adapt to almost any structural and planning specification. In line with our modular system, we can supply you with combinable door variants that are always suitable for all applications:

  • Object construction
  • Modern office and industrial architecture
  • Health or education sector
  • Hotels
  • Public buildings
  • Server rooms
  • Nursery schools



Profiles are cut to mitre joint and applied on the frame at the plant.

Available for
Thin rebate Excluded: Stainless steel doors, upper casing

• T30/T90
• Multi-purpose
• RC2-RC4 
• Sound insulationup to 42dB
• Smoke protection      

Thick rebate Opening angle reduced to 160°

• T30
• Multi-purpose                           
• RC2-RC3
• Sound insulationup to 42dB
• Smoke protection                      

Size range
Modular dimension 1-leaf:

width:    625 - 1500 mm
height: 1750 - 2500 mm

Modular dimension 2-leaf:

width:  1375 - 2500 mm
height: 1750 - 2500 mm

Frame variants

• Corner frame + counter frame
• Closed frame
• Block frame 4.1

Wall types

• Masonry
• Concrete
• Autoclaved aerated concrete walls
• Lightweight construction stud wall only with block frame 4.1 (with T30, multi-purpose)

Door closers

• Top door closer on hinge side
• Optionally: integrated door closer on opposite hinge side


• 3D hinges, galvanised
• Optional: 3D hinges in stainless steel


• Flush glazing T30
• Other glazing types available depending of fitting features