In the event of fire, the primary goal is to protect people from the flames and prevent the further spread of the fire. Take advantage of our decades of experience in this area. Our fire protection doors guarantee the stability required by lawmakers and meet, at the same time, the highest demands for aesthetics and burglary protection, as our evidenced by our T30 all-glass door, for example. In building complexes, especially within industry, the occurrence of fires can never be completely excluded. It is important to rely on efficient fire protection with fire-resistant doors, thus preventing the development and spread of destructive fires. As an expert partner in securing your building, we are here to assist you and advise you on door selection, since our fire-resistant doors cover a number of different requirements depending on the fire risk and fire load. Do you need a fire-resistant door to equip your building complex in accordance with the current safety regulations and with your personal requirements? Then allow our range of fire-resistant doors convince you and find one that perfectly suits your required function, size and building design. Prevention and containment: These are the two keywords of optimal fire protection. Teckentrup has for decades now been an expert partner in the field of structural fire protection. Benefit from our experience and invest in your safety with by acquiring a fire protection door!

The following benefits are certain:

  • Tested as per EN 1634-1
  • With CE-label
  • T30, T60, T90, EI2 30-C5-Sa  , EI2 60-C5-S, EI2 90-C5-Sa
  • Door leaf flush (no protruding edges)
  • Faster installation and easier to close
  • Height adjustable
  • More safety, design and convenience

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What is the meaning of T30, T60 and T90?

All fire-resistant doors are subjected to fire testing in accordance with EN 1634-1/EN 16034 and must endure an oven temperature of approx. 1,000 degrees Celsius for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. During this time, a specific limit temperature on the side facing away from the fire cannot be exceeded, and no flames are to penetrate through the door leaf or frame of the fire protection door. Depending on the time reached, the doors are then classified as T30 (fire-resistant), T60 (highly fire-resistant) or T90 (fire-proof) doors.

The implementation of a fire-resistant door can mean the proverbial thumb on the scale in serious situations. It combines numerous decisive functions such as automatic closure, the stoppage of flames, and resistance to high temperatures over the specified minimum time. Ideally, the spreading of highly toxic fumes is inhibited at the same time. Constant quality inspections within the framework of DIN ISO 9001 guarantee the highest production quality, reliability and a long product life. A fire-resistant door must be self-closing so that it can reliably stop a fire. Fire-resistant doors close independently using either the spring hinges (pre-tensioned hinges) or, more conveniently, the door closer.
If the fire-resistant door is to normally remain open, the door closer can be coupled with a hold-open device that ensures that the door will close automatically in the event of fire. The Teckentrup fire-resistant door is used in many places in industry, trade and commerce, but also in all private, public and industrial areas. Single-family homes and large apartment buildings also enjoy the protection of our T30 doors, along with clinics, cinemas, businesses, offices, parking garages, and schools. By the way: One of our fire-resistant doors will also suit the look you want to create in addition to your purely functional requirements. In particular, the FSA Teckentrup 62 series combines future-oriented details like less wear and efficient installation with attractive design.

A wide variety of colours and surfaces, hinges, door handles, and glazing variants provide ample leeway for the visual design. Choose from a large selection of door handles that match the overall concept. Together with our 3D hinges, the flushness of the cable channels, the concealed frame, and the stainless steel material, the result is as aesthetically pleasing overall impression that appears to have come from a mould. Teckentrup fire and smoke protection doors are delivered with a primer coating in grey-white, similar to RAL 9002. Optional are powder end coatings in accordance with RAL colour map.
At Teckentrup, functionality and design always go hand-in-hand, and this applies to our fire proof doors, of course. Many models are available with various glazing options and can be integrated well into ambitious architectural designs as visual highlights. Depending on the planned size, the T90 doors are available in 1-leaf and 2-leaf variants. If you do not want to ignore either the sanitary aspect or an elegant look, then simply choose a door made of stainless steel.