Internal doors


In many buildings, there are often room closings that are subject to heavy use but cannot interrupt the interior design. Our robust internal doors made of steel seamlessly match the surroundings here. Internal doors from Teckentrup are state-of-the-art, certified according to current standards, and produced in Germany. Our internal doors also deliver when it comes to aesthetics, also striking a good figure in residential and lifestyle applications.

Internal doors made of steel 

In a home, there are many room partitions (such as a child’s room, offices, storage rooms, hobby rooms, as well as wash and dry rooms) that must withstand particular stress but cannot interrupt the harmonic interior design. Teckentrup offers the right solution for all requirements.

The comprehensive series of internal door models distinguishes itself through a large variety of designs and furnishings and combines the great appeal with reliable functionality, security and ease of maintenance. These robust doors can withstand a great deal and can be integrated individually into the overall look.

The range of surface designs reaches from galvanised to colour and patterns all the way to wooden décor. With one product line, all conceivable areas of application are covered and all tastes considered. Teckentrup internal doors can be installed easily into existing standard frames. Teckentrup therefore offers a separate door leaf that can be hung up or a complete, ready-to-install door element with standard corner frame, as needed.

All internal doors are provided with glazing as requested. The different light cut-outs can be adapted to the respective door dimensions. The standard furnishings of the Teckentrup and Teckentrup Object series include a round level handle set made of black plastic. In addition, additional furnishings made of coloured plastic, aluminium or stainless steel are offered.

Teckentrup internal door

Teckentrup internal door have additional reinforcement in the form of a close-knit honeycomb insert that is completely adhered to the steel plate of the door leaf. Hinges, an integrated lock and a round lever handle set are included in the furnishings. The tops of the hinges are screwed tight into the reinforcement inserts of the door leaf.

Teckentrup Object internal door

The Teckentrup Object internal door achieves a high degree of form stability due to the material composite of steel plates and tubed insert. The doors are double-walled, 40 mm thick and rebated on 3 sides (thick rebate). The wood fillings are encased in galvanised steel sheets to which they are completely adhered.

Internal door "Object"
Internal door with glazing

Internal doors from Teckentrup can be manufactured in numerous variants and with a number of different equipment options, so there is a lot of room for design. Upon request, internal doors can also be provided with glazing. Clear glass or wired ornamental glass up to 6 mm thick is used.

Internal door made from wood

In offices and residences, internal doors represent a design element that can create very different looks in a room.