Stainless steel doors


Especially dazzling

Many multi-function doors are also available in stainless steel V2A or V4A. Stainless steel doors are primarily used in food service, the food industry or in leisure swim facilities for sanitary reasons. Whether sanded, marbled or patterned, Teckentrup stainless steel doors are decorative and their technical specifications ensure the highest functionality and meet all visual requirements. Design-oriented fittings characterise the appearance of door elements.

Stainless steel doors and gates

Stainless steel doors are used in particular anywhere where there are increased sanitation requirements, such as the food industry, in laboratories, etc. Architects also make use of stainless steel doors in spaces where value is placed on aesthetics and sophisticated materials. Teckentrup provides a number of doors and gates made of high-quality, nearly indestructible stainless steel, thus creating brilliant design effects for attractive, distinctive solutions. The use of doors and gates made of stainless steel is indispensable in areas where sanitation and cleanliness are the highest priority. State-of-the-art production systems, high-quality raw materials and first-class workmanship ensure the greatest functionality, value preservation and simple maintenance. Teckentrup doors and gates made of stainless steel are used anywhere where strict hygiene and special protection against hazardous materials are necessary. The varied surface designs, attractive lever handle sets and stable hinges made of stainless steel allow for modern, aesthetic room designs. This exclusive material is used more and more in architecturally high-quality properties as stylish design elements.

Toilet door made of stainless steel
Stainless steel door 1- or 2-leaf available

Stainless steel is the name for alloyed or non-alloyed steels that are of a particular degree of purity.

The representative patterns and matching handle fittings and hinges enable modern, aesthetic interior design. Stainless steel doors are also used in areas with special hygienic requirements.

Stainless steel doors for kitchens and laboratories

It doesn't matter if its moisture, heat, cold, chemicals, or great stress; only stainless steel doors and gates ensure the greatest safety. Teckentrup doors and garage doors are using in a number of areas, such as pharmaceutics, food technology, medicine, laboratories, washrooms, the chemical industry, paint shops, saunas, indoor pools, schools, underground train stations, etc.

Various materials are available depending on the requirements:

       • Standard V2A steel with Material No. 1.4301
       • V4A steel with Material No. 1.4571 for higher requirements
       • Resistant to chemicals or aggressive environmental influences

Stainless steel offers fascinating combinations of form and light. Expressive surface structures shape the atmosphere of interior spaces. Glossy and matte surfaces create interesting effects in stainless steel doors. You can choose between doors and gates with circular-grained (marbled) and 240 grain surfaces (canvas structure surface available upon request). Almost all protection doors, such as fire protection doors, smoke protection doors, security doors, sound insulation doors, etc., are available in stainless steel.