The single/double-leaf thick rebate steel door, the, now provides even more stability wherever it is installed due to its new structural design, as well as the option to choose metal sheets with final coatings. The standard exposed masonry installation process is now even easier. The use of aluminium cover strips with the glazing as well as full-surface and flush-mounted door leaves optimise the design. 

  • 1- and 2-leaf

  • thick rebate (DF)

  • standard exposed masonry installation

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Great improvements

Glazings on the thick rebate door are now available with aluminium-glass retaining strips and a stainless steel look. The entire surface of the door leaves is bonded face-to-face and the 2-leaf door is flush in the centre fold. Compared to thin rebate doors, the thick rebate door is considerably more stable because it has been redesigned and restructured. This means that final coatings can be applied to the metal sheets. Exposed masonry installation is now standard, which greatly simplifies the process. Our thick rebate door can be used anywhere, but it is particularly well suited for the following locations:

Area of application:

  • Production plants

  • Industrial facilities and Commercial premises

  • Airports

  • Hospitals and clinics

  • Public facilities

  • Parking / underground garages and schools 

Thick rebate door
self-locking triple lock as alternative to SVP locks

Thick rebate door – mechanically or electronically self-locking triple lock as alternative to SVP locks 

Hatch with an anti-burglary classification of RC2

Thick rebate door – thanks to the hatch, now also stronger in terms of protection with an anti-burglary classification of RC2 

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