High-speed doors is the term commonly used for doors whose curtains are made from plastic film that wind up on a shaft on the lintel, like roller shutters. High-speed doors are often installed in combination with other industrial doors such as sectional doors or roller shutters.They are particularly suited for resilient and continuous use inside and outside. High-speed doors ensure a smooth flow of traffic between buildings or between the building and the outside. They also reduce energy losses during the cold season to a minimum.

The integrated spring-tensioned anti-crash system guarantees safety and increases the efficiency of the door system. The retention mechanism automatically opens when the bottom profile is run into. In doing so, the guide automatically jumps back into the bottom profile. This does not stress the anti-crash end pieces, meaning they have a very long service life. With the integrated spring-tensioned anti-crash system, Teckentrup high-speed doors protect people and material, thus avoiding injuries and damage as well as downtime, and are quickly ready for operation again. This means that accidents do not result in serious consequences.

  • High-tensile roller shutter curtain with pvc vison panel
  • With anti-crash-system
  • Ideal in combination with sectional doors or roller shutters for outdoor areas

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