Save loads of time during installation with the benefits of the CarTeck Frame 2.0!

More speed, more service:
With the CarTeck Frame 2.0, your customers get to their garage door even faster now. Our development is based on your desires.

We put you, our customers, at the centre of our business. Why do we do that? So that we can improve our services and our products in order to create direct benefits for you. The CarTeck Frame 2.0 considerably simplifies the installation process with its far fewer individual parts and great time savings.

For you, this means: Less time and less cost for installation! 

Convenient attachment options

• Faster and simplified installation of the mounting
bracket: For smaller garages and a door panel
weight of less than 70 kg the mounting bracket
is omitted completely

• For larger doors, up to 12 screw fittings or less are
necessary: Simply insert the bracket into the frame,
screw fittings are only necessary for the building structure

• For interior and exterior installations, an offset of up
to 12 mm is possible due to the new bracket

Easy spring tensioning

• Attach the tensioning device in the multi-hole system of
the vertical frame for counterweighting

• No more time-consuming tensioning of the adjustment
screws necessary in the future

• Perfect selection of springs and cables

• No protruding threaded rods

Less complex, easier installation

• Less individual parts reduce the installation time

• Installation instructions easy to understand

• Individual solutions can be applied on-site

• Long-lasting, not maintenance-intensive

Suitable style for the visible surface area

• Visually disruptive punch holes omitted

• In most cases, linings are not necessary
for visual reasons

Also for garages with low insertion depths

• Depending on the door dimensions and weight, a lower
insertion depth of up to 450 mm is possible

• No adjustment screws

• Fewer suspension points

Secure and long-lasting spring system

• The spring is better secured in the spring channel
using a hook

• Frame end cap better attached in spring channel

• Optioanlly with spring channel cover secured by at
least two brackets on every side

• Optionally with the specially secured frame end cap
clamps in the upper spring channel cover