Security door "dw 42" (WK 2)


✔ 1-LEAF    

Security steel door dw 42-1 „Teckentrup“, tested in accordance with DIN ENV 1627-WK 2. Single-leaf door element. Type of handing DIN right. Door leaf 42 mm thick, rebated on 3-sides. Corner frame 2.0 mm thick, with 3-sided seal. Door leaf and frame galvanized and powder-coated (primed) in Grey white, similar to RAL 9002. 2 KO hinges with ball bearings and one security bolt.

Teckentrup Piktogramm_Einbruchhemmung

as per EN 1627-WK2*

Teckentrup Piktogramm_Einsatz in Außenwände

Use in outdoor walls
CE labelling as per
EN 14351-1



Icon Fire retardant

as per EN 1634-1/
DIN 4102*

Teckentrup Piktogramm_Schalldämmung

as per EN ISO 10140 /
EN ISO 717-1 up to
max. RW 37 dB*

* with supplementary equipment 

Technical data


Security steel door dw 42-1 „Teckentrup“
in accordance with DIN ENV 1627
Heat insulation UD = 1,9 W/(m²•K) (1,0mm)
Heat insulation UD = 2,1 W/(m²•K) (1,5mm)


• Masonry min. 115 mm
• Concrete min. 100 mm
• Autoclaved aerated concrete wall, min. 150 mm

Size range

Modular dimension 1-leaf:
Width:    625 - 1250 mm
Height: 1750 - 2250 mm 

Door leaf

• Double-skinned
• Thin rebated on three sides
• Door leaf thickness: 42 mm
• Sheet thickness: 1/1,5 mm


Corner frame 2 mm thick, with 3-sided seal and bottom sill.
Installation of frame: Screw-mounting.

Special equipment: Counter frame 1,5 mm thick, block frame or closed frame 2.0 mm thick


Door leaf and frame galvanised, powder-coated and primed; grey white like RAL 9002


• 2 KO hinges with ball bearings (secured hinge bolt)

Closing devices

• Mortice lock with latch lever, prepared for profile cylinder
•ƒ FS-Alu safety-handle set, class ES 1 DIN, 18257
• Safety profile cylinder P2 with anti-Drilling and extraction protection BZ,
  DIN 18252
ĥ 3 keys and security certificate

Special equipment

ĥ Handle sets / Knob sets in light metal or stainless steel
ĥ Locks: Profile cylinder 35,5 + 30,5, panic locks or block lock
   (must be provided)
ĥ Additional top and bottom locking
• Top door closer as per DIN EN 1154
ƒƒ• Wide angle spyhole
ƒƒ• Lock control (bolt contact) installed
ĥ Escape door opener
ĥ Alarm wire insert
ƒƒ• Security chain (also lockable)
ƒƒ• Rain guard