Convenient operation


At Teckentrup, the drive, control system and operating elements form a complete unit that is optimally matched to the doors and their applications. This means you benefit from a ready-to-use system! For pulse-controlled operation, we offer a variety of modern and reliable technologies such as photocells, induction loops, radar movement sensors and much more. Solutions for manual and drive-operated doors are available depending on the requirements.

Electrically operated door systems:


Direct-mount drive with emergency manual chain
In the event of power failure, the door can be conveniently operated from the floor by hand.

Chain drive
The use of a space-saving chain drive is recommended in the event of limited lateral space being available.

Direct-mount drive with emergency manual chain
(rotated below 40°) Cost-effective variants for emergency operation. Also in the event that an emergency chain is disruptive.

Shaft drive with modern 24 DC technology

Only a 230 AC connection is required. Spiral cable, slack rope switch and closing edge safety device are not required. Soft start and soft stop for gentle door operation. Programming via APP or Command 108. Operation is convenient from the floor with the 3-fold CS-I push button.
(left: TAV with emergency hand crank / right: TAV with emergency hand chain)

Overhead tractor

Quiet operation as well as gear-protecting and low-wear technology. The motor monitors the closing forces according to EN 12453.


Manually operated door systems:


Hand chain hoist with 1: 4 gear transmission ratio.

Convenient operation via force reduction, including chain retaining.

For small doors: A hand chain as a simple, inexpensive variant.

Operating elements


Microprocessor control with absolute transmitter evaluation

Simple, secure programming using the LED module or the 3 button navigation system

Fast-running CS 320 FU version
with frequency converter.
Soft' start and stop for material-friendly door operation and secure functioning

Command 108 handheld programmer
for convenient programming and operation

Push-button CS-I 15 with 3 illuminated push-buttons for OPEN/STOP/CLOSE

2-channel hand-held transmitter


4-channel hand-held transmitter

10-channel hand-held transmitter


99-channel hand-held transmitter


Exposed key-operated switch


Concealed key-operated switch

Radio code switch


Concealed key-operated switch with stop button


LED signal lamps


Internal radio receiver for CS 320, pluggable

Internal radio receiver for CS 310, plug-in

Emergency stop witch

Radar motion detector
with direction detection


Radar motion detector
with active infrared presence sensor

„3d easyscan“
Laser-assisted opening,
Presence and security sensor

Electric lock
Mounting on door frame and
automatic locking

Push button
"Open – Stop – Close"


Push button
"Open – Emergency stop – Close

Lockable push button
"Open – Emergency stop – Close"

Lockable push button
"Open – Stop – Close"

Lockable push button "Open – Emergency stop – Close"

Reflective photocells

Leading light barrier

Light grid

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