Convenient operation


At Teckentrup, the drive, control system and operating elements form a complete unit that is optimally matched to the doors and their applications. This means you benefit from a ready-to-use system! For pulse-controlled operation, we offer a variety of modern and reliable technologies such as photocells, induction loops, radar movement sensors and much more. Solutions for manual and drive-operated doors are available depending on the requirements.

Electrically operated door systems:


Direct-mount drive with emergency manual chain
In the event of power failure, the door can be conveniently operated from the floor by hand.

Chain drive
The use of a space-saving chain drive is recommended in the event of limited lateral space being available.

Direct-mount drive with emergency manual chain
(rotated below 40°) Cost-effective variants for emergency operation. Also in the event that an emergency chain is disruptive.

Manually operated door systems:


Hand chain hoist with 1: 4 gear transmission ratio.

Convenient operation via force reduction, including chain retaining.

For small doors: A hand chain as a simple, inexpensive variant.

Operating elements


Microprocessor control with absolute transmitter evaluation

Simple, secure programming using the LED module or the 3 button navigation system

Fast-running CS 320 FU version with frequency converter. 'Soft' start and stop for material-friendly door operation and secure functioning.


2-channel hand-held transmitter


4-channel hand-held transmitter

10-channel hand-held transmitter


99-channel hand-held transmitter


Exposed key-operated switch


Concealed key-operated switch

Radio code switch


Concealed key-operated switch with stop button


LED signal lamps


Internal radio receiver for CS 320, pluggable

Internal radio receiver for CS 310, plug-in

Radar motion detector with programming device

Push button
"Open – Stop – Close"


Push button
"Open – Emergency stop – Close

Lockable push button
"Open – Emergency stop – Close"

Lockable push button
"Open – Stop – Close"

Emergency stop witch

Lockable push button "Open – Emergency stop – Close"

Reflective photocells