Industrial sectional door "SW 80"




The 80 series of the industrial sectional doors have a door leaf thickness of 80 mm. They are thus the first choice for all areas that require high-quality thermal separation. Our products attain a great thermal effect by combining many constructive features: The double-walled, 80 mm thick steel panels are coated with highly-insulating polyurethane (PU) foam and thermally separated from one another. In addition, the door leaf is equipped with a rot-free double seal. In this way, it achieves an extremely low UD-value of 0.58 W/(m2K)*. A quality that effectively minimises cold or heat losses and tangibly reduces energy costs. The SW 80 special door ensures optimal cold and thermal insulation and is extremely resilient, even with high wind loads. It is suitable for special applications in refrigerated warehouses, beverage warehouses, and vegetable and fruit warehouses.

Technical data industrial sectional door SW 80

Performance characteristics (per EN 13241-1)

Thermal insulation: EN 13241-1, Annex B EN 12428
   - U = 0,27 W/(m²K) (Panel 80 mm)
   - U = 0,59 W/(m²K) (complete door* without wicket door)
    * approx. 25 m² door area 

Resistance against wind loads per EN 12424
   - class 2 (max. 450 Pa)
   - class 3 (max. 700 Pa) (up to 8.000mm door width optionallyl)

Water penetration resistance: per EN 12425
   - class 3

Air permeability: per EN 12426
   - class 3

Fire performance: per DIN EN 4102
   - door leaf element building material class B2

Noise insulation value per EN717-1
   - Rw = 23 dB

Installation in

• Masonry
• Concrete
• Steel structures

Size range

Modular dimension:
Width:   2000 - 8000 mm
Height:  1875 - 6000 mm
(more dimensions on requets)

Door leaf

• Door leaf thermally separated, consists
   of individual door sections, galvanised
   steel sheets; installation depth: 80 mm
• Insulation: polyurethane foam
• Exterior side without ribs, micro-profiled,
   interior side stucco-patterned.
   Optional: interior and exterior horizontally lined
   and stucco-patterned. As standard in grey white
   (similar to RAL 9002), optionally available in all RAL colours


Upon request, we can also supply the SW 80 with glazing
elements. To this end, highly insulating triple or quadruple
glazing elements are used. Also optionally available in
extremely scratch-resistant version.


• Shaft drive, chain drive, three-phase voltage 400V 3~Ph, 50 Hz,
   60% ED, protection class IP 65, with emergency hand crank,
   TÜV approved
• Shaft drive with alternating voltage 230 Volt 1~Ph, 50 Hz,
   60% ED, protection cl. IP 65, with emergeny hand crank,
   TÜV approved, combined with a frequency converter control
   with “soft”-start and “soft” stop
• Direct drive as springless door without weight compensation,
   three-phase voltage 400V 3~Ph, 50Hz, 60% ED, protection
   class IP 65, with emergency hand crank, TÜV approved,
   safety device integrated


• For shaft and chain drives, ready to plug pre-wired and with CEE-plug.
   In the basic usage noticed as deadman-control. Function without
   closing edge safety device, control voltage 24V safety extra low
   voltage, protection class IP 65, push buttons open-stop-close
• Pulse control (automatic mode “close“) in connection with closing
   edge safety device
• Radio remote control
• Automatic closing in combination with traffic lights
• Traffic control

Special equipment

• Casing
• Fixed panels
• Stop rail
• Special RAL-colours

Double side seal
The high insulating effect is achieved by the double side seals between the frame and door leaf.

Floor seal
The rot-proof bottom seal made from non-freeze EPDM rubber profile smooths out floor unevenness and protects from cold and damp.

Top seal
It securely closes, seals and insulates the door in the lintel across its full width.