The 80 series of the industrial sectional doors have a door leaf thickness of 80 mm. They are thus the first choice for all areas that require high-quality thermal separation. Our products attain a great thermal effect by combining many constructive features: The double-walled, 80 mm thick steel panels are coated with highly-insulating polyurethane (PU) foam and thermally separated from one another. In addition, the door leaf is equipped with a rot-free double seal. In this way, it achieves an extremely low UD-value of 0.58 W/(m2K)*. A quality that effectively minimises cold or heat losses and tangibly reduces energy costs. The SW 80 special door ensures optimal cold and thermal insulation and is extremely resilient, even with high wind loads. It is suitable for special applications in refrigerated warehouses, beverage warehouses, and vegetable and fruit warehouses.

  • 80 mm steel sections for 50% more heat insulation
  • Extremely low ud-value of 0.58 W/(m2k)
  • Perfect addition: Highly insulating glazing

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