Design range for every taste


There are no shortcomings in the design either: Our industrial doors are available with a number of designs and furnishings and will match the architectural aesthetics of any building façade. Choose from numerous design options: Whether it's colours, surfaces, glazing and looks, here you will find the right solution that fits your requirements. Due to their appealing modern look, for example with chic glazing elements, our industrial doors are true eye-catchers within the entire industrial area.

Standard colours:


Traffic white RAL 9016

Grey aluminium RAL 9007

Traffic white RAL 9016

Grey white RAL 9002

Sepia brown RAL 8014

Anthracite grey RAL 7016

Fir green RAL 6009

Moss green RAL 6005

Gentian blue RAL 5010

Flame red RAL 3000

RAL of choice

Even more selection for SW 40 und SLW 40

With the 40 series, you can also choose from the trend colours and wooden décor of our CarTeck garage doors. In addition, various surfaces are available for selection.


Jet black RAL 9005

Window grey RAL 7040

Steel blue RAL 5011

Light grey RAL 7035

Umbra grey 7022

Wooden décor and metallic tones


Wooden decor Golden Oak CC 1)

Wooden decor Night Oak CC 1)

Wooden decor Mahogany CC 1)

TT 703 Metallic grey tone 2)



Styling without ribs micro-profiled

Ribbed style micro-profiled

Ribbed style stucco-patterned

1) Finished with final coating
2) Metallic effect with iron mica particles, not high gloss

Range of glazing


An improved scratch resistance of up to 20% with simultaneous improved light transmission – made possible by the synthetic glazings developed by Teckentrup. For this reason we install them as standard in our industrial sectional doors. Additionally, with respect to sound insulation, impact resistance and protection from yellowing, the synthetic glazing exhibits substantially improved values. For industrial doors exposed to particularly high mechanical stress, we offer glazings with the maximum degree of scratch resistance in addition to the standard glazings.


Glazing elements:


20 mm synthetic triple glazing,

20 mm synthetic double glazing,
satin exterior

20 mm synthetic double glazing,
exterior crystal structure

Frame with ISO panel

50% higher thermal insulation
due to 5-chamber multi-skin sheet

Section with sandwich glazing,
Type A (rectangular)

Section with sandwich glazing,
Type B (rounded)

Section with ventilation grille