Roller shutter "XXL"



Double roller shutters consist of at least two doors lying near one another with a height of up to 10 m, for which a round 50 cm wide centre support made of galvanised steel handles the lateral motion, allowing lifted doors to moved to the side easily.With the special guide rail system, the unlocked centre post can be simply pushed to the edge by hand. Both doors are opened and an exit can take place with minimal manoeuvring.

Technical data Roller shutter XXL

Installation in

• Masonry: min. 120 mm
• Concrete: min. 150 mm
• Steel
• Autoclaved aerated concrete walls:
   min. 200 mm (only with steel skirting)
• Wood: min. 240 mm

Size range

• door width = min. 2 x 1000 mm
• door width = max. 2 x 18000 mm
• door height = min. 2 500 mm
• door height = max. 10000 mm
• Multi-dimensional doors also available
   (e. g. in 3x18000 mm, 4x18000 mm etc.)

Double door features

• Open independent of one another
• Asymmetric separation possible
• Separate drive
• Centre supports with buffer insulation, movable


• Profile made of double-walled steel, Partition 95 mm
• Surface: galvanised steel or coil coated

Door curtain

Consists of hinge-like profiles pushed into one another made of galvanised steel


Direct mount drive with integrated anti-drop device or chain drive
with separate anti-drop device and electric forced disconnection,
(three-phase volt.) 400V, 50Hz, 60%ED, degree of protection IP54,
with emergency crank handle (TÜV tested and maintenance-free).
Other special voltages, degrees of protection, or types of emergency
operation available on request.


• For direct mount and chain drives, fully wired ready for use and
   with CEE plug. Basic version can be locked and used as a deadman
   control, can be easily retrofitted with:
   - Self-locking “CLOSE“ in con. with safety edge device
   - Radio control

• Accessories for control units:
   - Auto. closing (with traffic lights)
   - Traffic light control
   - digital induction loop

• Without safety edge mechanism:
   Basic version 24V control voltage (safety low volt.) degree of
   protection IP65, “close door“ in deadman mode (permanent pressure),
   push buttons “open-stop-close“.

• With safety edge mechanism:
   With self-monitoring, electro-mechanical safety edge mechanism,
   safety-low voltage 24V, IP 65, “close door“ and “open door“ in self-locking
   mode with push buttons “open-stop-close“

Special equipment

• Permanent side part with integrated door.
• Pivoted side part with integrated door.
• Curtain box made of:
   - galvanized sheet steel
   - natural aluminium
• Other versions on request:
   - sloping bottom profile, aligned to the floor
   - for side or roof installation