Roller shutter "Thermo Teck speed"




With our new high-speed roller doors, you can rely on energy and economic efficiency.

With its high endurance characteristics and robust design, the high-speed roller door meets the necessary requirements for all areas of use, especially for use as an outside door. At high motor speeds of up to 1.5 metres per second, our high-speed roller doors guarantee high energy efficiency by keeping heat losses to a minimum. The shorter the time a door stands open, the lower the heat losses while the door moves. This is especially important for highly frequented doors.

With its effective sound insulation, extraordinary simplicity of installation and unusually low wear, this door provides excellent value for the money.

Technical data High-speed roller door


Strong design

• Outside matches standard roller shutter
• Available up to 10,000 mm wide and 9,000 mm tall (XXL door with centre supports allows widths of up to 20 m)
• Resistant to wind loads of up to RC4
• The special profile geometry allows the slats to wind up the tightest of spaces

Strong security

• Interior passage control, secure against weathering and vandalism
• Automatic obstacle detection via integrated photocells
• Also suitable as a secure closure for external applications

Strong service

• Strong service
• Faster replacement part service
Installation in

• Masonry min. 120 mm
• Concrete min. 150 mm
• Steel
• Autoclaved aerated concrete min. 200 mm
  only with steel frame
• Wood min. 240 mm


Ordering dimensions
Width:   2000 - 10000 mm
Height: 2550 -   9000 mm
Resistance to wind load class 3 / 4 are available on request!


• Galvanized steel
• Coil-coated steel

Door curtain

Consisting of hinge-likeinterconnected galvanized steel


Direct mount drive with integrated anti-drop device or chain drive with separate anti-drop device and electric forced disconnection, (three-phase volt.) 400V, 50Hz, 60%ED, degree of protection IP54, with emergency crank handle. Other special voltages, degrees of protection or types of emergency operation on request.

Light curtain: intelligent installation

The light curtain can be installed on the rear side of the guide rail via specially integrated holes in the guide rails.


• Good accessibility

• Easy to clean

• Replaceable in emergency

• Protected against grime


Belt system

The patented and safety-optimised Teckentrup belt system dampens running noises and effectively reduces the wear on high-speed roller shutters. Reliability test with more than 200,000 cycles.

With unhooking function:

Belt system automatic unhooks from the attachment unit (prevents injuries)